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Crypt Cases Ends Decades Long Surfboard Transport Horrors

Crypt Cases™ is currently developing world's first hard surfboard travel case with collapsible technology in an attempt to end decades long suffering of surfers whose surfboards end up getting dinged or damaged or completely destroyed during transport most especially through airline travel.

For over two centuries, surfboards have evolved from wooden planks into lighter and smarter modern quad fin composite boards with aeroflex technology and GPS. The surfboard has changed over time thanks to advances in technology. But while the surfboard has become better and better, surfers have been transporting these boards through the same soft travel bags for the longest time.

Crypt Cases™ introduces an evolution in surfboard travel gear in the form of a hard travel case with collapsible technology that guarantees the safe arrival of surfboards when transported anywhere in the world. The patented design by Crypt Cases™ combines rigid hard case security with collapsible convenience for easy storage.

For the several decades, surfboards and surf trips have been ruined by mishandling in airports and by tough travel conditions.

The hard travel case is meant to solve the problem of all surf enthusiasts and most especially surf professionals who love their boards and will exercise all means necessary to protect them.

Crypt Cases™ is in the initial phases of development and is expected to kick off a crowd-funding campaign in the coming months.