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Crypt Cases, the worlds first hard surfboard travel case

Chances are that at some stage your surfboard has been damaged whilst in transit, and if you have been lucky enough to have swerved some dings so far, the odds are severely stacked against you. Surfboard damage, especially at the hands of airlines is well documented and even the worlds best surfers are not exempt. You may recall John John Florence taking to Instagram to slate JetBlue when they trashed his quiver last year, a post that has attracted over 33000 likes. At last a solution is at hand, in the form of a hard travel case from Crypt Cases, and it is hard to believe we’ve all naively stuck with soft bags all these years!

Constructed from industrial strength moulded plastic, Crypt Cases feature a clever telescopic design meaning they can expand to house 2 standard short boards and a step up board, but when not in use they pack down to the size of small suitcase. With wheels on each corner and recessed ergonomic handles the Crypt case is easy to transport and can also be used to carry skis and snowboards. The maximum dimensions of the Crypt Case are 7’5″ x 13″ x 25.4″

Crypt Cases are still in the development stage but the design is patented and the team behind the hard travel case will shortly be launching the product via a crowd-funding campaign. To be one of the first to hear when the campaign will launch and to follow progress at Crypt Cases sign up at the official Crypt Cases website HERE. I for one will be very keen to give the Crypt Case a go and look forward to handing my boards over to the baggage handlers safe in the knowledge they will still be intact and ready to go when I rock up at a far flung beach. Let us know what you think of the Crypt Case and will you be slinging your soft board bag away?