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On the Blog: The Best Gifts For Surfers

The holiday season is here! We can never have too many surfboards and there are a ton of gifts that are perfect for the surfer in your life (or for yourself)! Check out our top 10 gifts for surfers this year below: 


1. Surf Watches:

Surf watches are an important tool for surfers and wave riders. The surf industry has been developing action sports watches that actually measure and forecast tides for hundreds of surf spots. Read more in Surfer Today.

Price Range: $100-$800


2. Surf Drone:

A drone is the ultimate surf gift. Drones allow surfers to capture angles they never have been able to capture before. Surfers can also learn from their mistakes by watching footage from their wipeouts and mess ups. 

Price Range: $300-$3,000 


3. GoPro:

GoPro's are waterproof, small and easy to use while surfing. Photogenic surfers can collect excellent stills and video footage from the GoPro. 

Price Range: $199-$400


4. Surf Rack:

Your friends own a board but do they own a rack? It's important to have one in the home, car or garage to keep a board in stable condition. A few popular brands for these are Hawaiian Gun Rack, Bulman and Naked Surf. 

Price Range: $19-$130


5. "SUP"vival Kit:

This handy kit is made with SUP'ers in mind, but includes sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer, wax, tape, compass and more.  A fantastic and practical gift! Get one here for $39.95 at West Coast Paddle Sports


7. Custom Surf Wax Holder:

Personalize your gift this year! Get a surf wax holder engraved or add a unique design on Etsy, Amazon and more.   

Price Range: $15-$50


8. Wet Suit:

Looking to spoil your surfer? Put a wetsuit under the tree this year. Some of our favorites are Hurley, Roxy, Billabong, Quiksilver or Rip Curl. Prices start around $100. 


9. A New Board:

Whether your surfer is a novice or a pro. You can't go wrong with a new board. Learn about some of the best boards of 2016 here

Price Range: $100-$600+ 


10. Crypt Case (coming soon!)

Sign your favorite surfer up for updates on 2017's newest surf accessory. We're still in our initial rounds of development, but stay tuned. More to come!