1.    Neil holds a master’s degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and a bachelor’s degree from UC San Diego. Fun fact: UC San Diego is ranked No. 2 for surfers.

2.      Neil is a mechanical engineer who has worked in the aerospace industry for more than a decade.

3.      He is a mentor at ScienceOC.org and volunteers for various events from mentoring to presentations on the role of science and careers in science. 


When you’re on the go as much as we are, sometimes you just need a few surf essentials before a big surf trip. Here’s a list of some of our top 10 favorite surf shops across the globe. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or Australia these shops have you covered.

1. Mollusk Surf Shop – San Francisco, Venice Beach, and Silver Lake, CA


The holiday season is here! We can never have too many surfboards and there are a ton of gifts that are perfect for the surfer in your life (or for yourself)! Check out our top 10 gifts for surfers this year below: 


1. Surf Watches:

Surf watches are an important tool for surfers and wave riders. The surf industry has been developing action sports watches that actually measure and forecast tides for hundreds of surf spots. Read more in Surfer Today.


This holiday season, we're thankful for the next evolution in surf travel gear, Crypt Cases. Our latest advancements in surf case technology will allow you to travel and enjoy the waves with friends and family all year long. Below are the many reasons why we are thankful:

Multi-board Functionality: You’ll be able to take up to three surf boards with you on your trips. It will also be able to transport your snowboards, skis, and other gear with you on different occasions.


"We had a really good group of surfers back then in the South Bay." - Dewey Weber

If you strive to be one of the greats, start with learning about one. Dewey Weber, Doc Ball and Greg Noll are only a hand full of the legendary surfers who have come out of California and surfed around the globe. Take a look at how they got started below and get inspired to achieve your surf goals.


Surfing can be enjoyed year-round if you know where to go. Here’s our list of top surf spots around the globe, inspired by Wave Tribe Company. Whether your in a wetsuit or feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, check out this list of places where you can thread the emerald needle or throw guts off the lip. 

#1 California

California weather gives surfers a chance to enjoy swells all year long. Malibu, Zuma, Leo Carillo, or Topanga beaches in California.  


Crypt Cases is based in South Bay, California-- home to some of the best surfers in the world! The South Bay is a region of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, located in the southwest corner of Los Angeles County. Our friends at the local publication Easy Reader News captured some great video of this weekend's waves!

A Late October South Bay Swell
Easy Reader News


Surfrider Beach in Malibu, California is exactly what it sounds like. A surfer’s paradise and a visitor’s admission ticket to watch some of the best surfers in the country. When it comes down to the waves, they are a little more harsh than other beach spots so we suggest beginner's practice elsewhere. When it comes to scenery, here is a sneak preview of things you can expect to see before making your first appearance at Surfrider Beach: