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On the Blog: Things You Can Expect to See at Surfrider Beach, CA

Surfrider Beach in Malibu, California is exactly what it sounds like. A surfer’s paradise and a visitor’s admission ticket to watch some of the best surfers in the country. When it comes down to the waves, they are a little more harsh than other beach spots so we suggest beginner's practice elsewhere. When it comes to scenery, here is a sneak preview of things you can expect to see before making your first appearance at Surfrider Beach:

- Sand blowing into someone’s picnic lunch
- Someone having a bad time because sand ruined their picnic lunch
- People fascinated by their first seagull sighting
- Instagram aficionados who are more into their phones than the actual beach
- Tall mountains meeting the foamy sea
- Perfectly tanned California locals
- Professional surfers, along with some who need a little more practice
- And most importantly, some of the most fun, cruisy waves you’ll ever ride

Despite some of the downsides, you really won’t find anywhere else quite as relaxing, scenic or wavy as Surfrider Beach. Now ready.. set, surf Surfrider!

Photo courtesy of Tyson Gillard, Outdoor Project,