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On the Blog: Broken Boards Break Our Hearts

A few months ago, this happened to pro surfer John John Florence. Tragic right?

On November 4, 2015 John John (@john_john_florence) posted his broken board on his Instagram page. His experience with his mishandled board garnered loads of media attention and outraged his large follower base. The post currently has over 33,000 likes and nearly 4,000 comments from John John’s almost half a million followers. Immediately following his post, was the backlash against Jet Blue

Many surfers go through great pains to protect their board while traveling abroad. For some, bubble wrap, polystyrene blocks, blankets, and tape are required. Also, one must consider that certain parts of the board are prone to damage while traveling which should be protected. For instance, the nose, tail, rails, the deck, and the bottom of the board require extra protection.

Our solution? Creating a case with industrial strength molded plastic that offers superior protection over soft surf cases. Our team of surfers worked with expert consumer and defense engineers to perfect a patented hard case design that combines optimal durability and functionality. We guarantee our cases will not break or damage in any unforgiving travel conditions throughout the world. Join our interest list to catch the newest wave of updates.